Tarot Reading

45 minutes   |   $25   


(Pricing is for a limited time only)


What is currently standing in your way?

How can you overcome your obstacles?

What decision is best for you?


There is no instruction manual or rulebook to life and so we find ourselves having many questions that we may not know how to answer. Granted, we were never really taught to use our intuition so it makes life more challenging to navigate through. Therefore, receiving guidance is essential.


Tarot has been used since the mid-15th century as a spiritual tool for giving and receiving guidance. Everyday, we are given signs and symbols to guide us through life that we may not even be aware of because of their subtle nature. This is where the Tarot cards come in. They connect to higher consciousness and provide insight to any questions or concerns, using symbols.


In my experience, Tarot readings have been eye-opening and incredibly accurate. It has helped others and myself with circumstances concerning romance, career, finances, family and other matters of life. Wisdom, guidance and clarity is always provided to overcome obstacles, heal from cyclical bonds and prevent possible future difficulties.

Session Packages Are Available

*It is highly recommended to book more than one session for the most effective energy healing experience. Healing is a journey and requires peeling back layers of emotional barriers that your mind and body need time to process.

For package pricing options, please feel free to contact Desiree.

Client Agreement

By booking a session, you agree to engage in the services of Desiree Punla, and understand that all insight and healing techniques offered are solely for the purpose of aiding you in achieving your wellness goals. You acknowledge that while people generally experience transforming results, Desiree does not guarantee full recovery of any current illness or protection from future illness. You recognize that healing involves your willingness to be open and make sustainable lifestyle changes.


Desiree is not a physician, registered dietician, or psychologist, and the scope of the sessions do not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illness of disorders. Desiree’s guidance is not meant to take the place of the advice by these professionals. If you suspect you may have an ailment or illness that requires medical attention, you must consult a licensed physician. You will not discontinue any prescription medications without first consulting your doctor. Desiree will keep your information confidential unless obliged by law.

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