You Always Have a Choice To Create a Different Story.

In this photo, I had just made the biggest and scariest moves of my life. I smile because I immediately felt an enormous weight come off my shoulders. I started quitting everything I learned that went against all of who I really am (let’s be real... it held like 95% of unnecessary space).

Despite all the things I’d been doing to improve my well-being, ie. eating healthy, incorporating more yoga into my exercises, legitimately resting, using essential oils, meditating, journaling... I still felt suffocated. What was the underlying cause? My mind was still programmed to feed into the darkness. I was a SLAVE to my old, limiting beliefs and thought patterns. No matter what I did, it was still immensely challenging to overcome many of my battles. That is, until I stopped creating different versions of the same story all revolving around fear.

Trust me when I say this:

Holding onto old, limiting beliefs and thought patterns is an injustice to your true potential.

This is the culprit. Not anyone or anything else! Ain’t nobody got time to be the author of your story; we are all too busy writing our own.

Ultimately, you have the power to bring positive changes into your life and really showcase the beautiful soul that you are, so create a different story for yourself and make it beautiful.✨

©2019 by Desiree Punla