How The Old Model of Being “Strong” Creates Emotional Blockages

Some of us have been taught to be “strong” by ignoring and avoiding pain hoping that, one day, it will eventually fade away. As a result, we become so inviting to positive energies because they just feel so good and close off to negative energies because they hurt so bad. Unknowingly, we build up emotional blockages over time which only bring us more suffering as it clogs up our systems and tries to force its way through by attracting more unpleasant circumstances to finally bring it to our awareness.

It is important to process all emotions, whether it be joy, love, laughter, excitement, anger, sadness, shame or guilt because, in reality, it is in our nature to feel and grow. So, the only way to release any emotional blockage is to revisit the feelings associated with it and complete the flow. Yes, the rage is scary and crying feels horrible but once those energies drain out, their heaviness will no longer weigh you down.

Now, there are ways to do this more effectively. Obviously, projecting and inflicting pain on others isn’t ideal. The point is, we must surrender to the natural ebb and flow of life because everything that happens to us, happens for us. 🌊✨

©2019 by Desiree Punla