Wellness/Spiritual Coaching

In-person (Minneapolis, MN area), by phone or online

1 hour   |   $60


Each coaching session is tailored to the individual based on specific needs. Desiree may touch on a bit of astrology, numerology, and use other intuitive tools such as Inner Child Wound Healing to provide healing and clarity. She may also communicate messages from your spirit guides or ancestors to aid in your healing process.


Wellness Coaching

Voice your concerns, ask questions, and discuss your wellness goals. Desiree provides non-judgmental listening with an open heart and offers intuitive insight to support you throughout your healing journey. 


Spiritual Coaching 

Are you curious about spirituality or going through the awakening process? Desiree provides guidance back to the self, allowing you to step into your power and reside in your truth. This is highly recommended for empaths or highly sensitive individuals.


Everyone has an adult and inner child. Though, we have been taught to neglect our inner child due to social conformity. As a result, we may find ourselves attending to our responsibilities while not feeling completely uplifted by our accomplishments.

When we are connected with our inner child, we feel creative, excited, and wondrous about life. When we are disconnected, we feel bored, unsatisfied, and empty. Therefore, it is equally important to connect with our the inner child as we are as adults to a maintain a healthy equilibrium.


Reconnecting with our inner child helps us discover the root causes of our fears, insecurities and sabotaging life patterns. We have all experienced trauma as a child, big or small, which may result in complications such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, phobias, destructive behavioral patterns, and even chronic illnesses.

During an Inner Child Wound Healing Session, a habit is identified to when it first originated followed by a reprogramming of the mind. The mind tends to hold onto initial traumatic experiences as a survival mechanism, if not yet healed, so that when we experience a traumatic event similar to our initial, the mind activates the fight or flight response because it believes it is going through the same experience again. Though, rather than keeping us from harm, it is actually paving way for a repetitive traumatic cycle. Therefore, reprogramming empowers the individual to break this cycle and find inner peace.

Session Packages Are Available!

*It is highly recommended to book more than one session for the most effective energy healing experience. Healing is a journey and requires peeling back layers of emotional barriers that your mind and body need time to process after each session.

For package pricing options, please feel free to contact Desiree.

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