Client Agreement

By booking a session, you agree to engage in the services of Desiree Punla, and understand that all insight and healing techniques offered are solely for the purpose of aiding you in achieving your wellness goals. You acknowledge that while people generally experience transforming results, Desiree does not guarantee full recovery of any current illness or protection from future illness. You recognize that healing involves your willingness to be open and make sustainable lifestyle changes.


Desiree is not a physician, registered dietician, or psychologist, and the scope of the sessions do not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illness of disorders. Desiree’s guidance is not meant to take the place of the advice by these professionals. If you suspect you may have an ailment or illness that requires medical attention, you must consult a licensed physician. You will not discontinue any prescription medications without first consulting your doctor. Desiree will keep your information private, and will not share it with any third party unless obliged to by law.

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