Unfolding Layers of Emotional Blockages

 Uncovering Your True Nature and Purpose In Life



your purpose and align with your true self.


energetic or emotional blockages.


better and more loving relationships.


with waves of change and accept what is.


emotional and physical pain or discomfort.


mind & body, and connect with your soul.

Wellness/Spiritual Coaching

Learn how to achieve wellness, or navigate through your spiritual journey.

Tarot Reading

Find out what is standing in your way or what you may come across in the future.

Emotion Code

Release emotional blocks by finding answers through your subconscious.

Marma Chikitsä Therapy

Release energy blockages through an ancient form of healing touch.

My Story

My passion in wellness and spirituality has significantly grown over the past years. I discovered my innate ability to heal, and recovered from a number of physical and mental illnesses. After experiencing significant shifts within myself, I naturally developed a strong desire to guide others through their healing journey and cultivate more balance into their lives. As you may know, the journey does get pretty dark, lonely, and complicated so I'm here to offer some light, love, and guidance as needed.


I am truly fascinated by the many approaches of healing, and continuously seek to expand my knowledge and skills to provide the most effective experience for my clients. I look forward to working with you soon!

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